Privacy Policy

Pearl Developers is one of the most established and respected real estate developers in Pakistan.

Privacy Policy

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations, Pearl Residencia is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. The following legal bases may apply to the processing of personal information, depending on the particular purpose:

  • With permission from you
  • To sign a contract with you or carry out one
  • To safeguard your essential interests
  • For our rightful commercial pursuits or operations as a non-profit organization
  • When carrying out an action that serves the public interest
  • In order to fulfil our legal and social protection duties

Your personal information might be used by us for the following purposes:

  • To provide you an update on Pearl Residencia‘s activities
  • To provide you with updates regarding building projects, maintenance, or other issues that affect you as a resident
  • To address your questions
  • As and when the law demands

How information is shared:

In order to enable our vendors to carry out tasks on our behalf, like maintenance and payment processing, we might give them access to and use of your personal information.

Your personal information will be kept by us for as long as is required to accomplish the goals outlined in this notice.